Tips for the PERFECT Beach Day on Cape Cod

The sun on your skin, the waves crashing, and a drink in your hand is the epitome of a perfect beach day. Now that summer is here, it’s time to make that happen. Cape Cod is the perfect summer getaway to enjoy all that summer has to offer. New Englanders can’t wait to spend every second on the beach after a long and cold winter. Read on to learn everything you need to know for the perfect beach day.

Bring an Extra Towel

People will always bring one towel, but what everyone forgets is how dirty the towel gets from being in the sand. Make sure you bring an extra towel so after you get out of the water you can dry off with a clean towel instead of a sandy one.

Put your phone in a Ziploc Bag

Sand gets everywhere when you’re at the beach. Put your phone in a bag to protect it against the sun, sunscreen, and sand! Sand if rubbed directly on your phone screen can crack it. You will still be able to have easy access to your phone while protecting it.

Extra Water

Sandy feet are a struggle when you’re leaving the beach, make sure to bring an extra jug of water to wash off your feet before getting into the car. You can avoid having an extra sandy car for months to come.

Bring a Hat

Everyone remembers sunglasses when they go to the beach but most people fail to bring a hat. Hats are great because they will keep the sun off your face so you don’t get a crazy sunglass tan line but they will also protect your scalp from getting burnt.

Bring Snacks

There’s something about being in the sun all day that makes everyone extra hungry! Even if you only plan to be at the beach for a few hours, bring a snack just in case. Just make sure your snacks are tucked away so a seagull doesn’t steal it!

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