How to Shuck A Cape Cod Oyster

Oysters are a classic Cape Cod favorite, especially in the summertime. If you’ve never shucked an oyster before it may seem intimidating, but it’s once you’ve been properly taught on how to shuck an oyster, you’ll be a professional.

Step by Step Guide for Shucking Oysters

The whole point for shucking oysters yourself is because you want fresh and raw oysters. If you’ll be on Cape Cod this summer, you’re in luck because Cape Cod has some of the freshest oysters in the country. If you buy oysters that you plan on shucking, make sure you keep them on ice and don’t suffocate them in a plastic bag. It’s best to buy the oysters the day you’re going to shuck them, but they will be fine for a day or two if they’re properly kept.

The first thing you’ll need other than the oysters themselves is a short knife or some sort of thin-edged instrument. They make actual oysters knives that are made for shucking and if you have one of those that’s ideal. A flat head screwdriver or a table knife will work just as well. You want something that is thin enough to get in between the shells but also strong enough to pry open the shells.

You’ll also want something to hold the shells in your hand because they can be rough, an oven mitt or a kitchen rag is fine. Just know that whatever you use will get covered in oyster juices.

Most oysters will have a flatter and a rounder side. You want to hold the oyster with the flatter side up. Next, you’ll want to look at the hinge, this is where the shells are joined together. You’ll want to put the knife in the shells at that point.

If you feel more comfortable holding the oyster on a flat surface vs. your hand that is perfectly fine as well, both methods are common to do.

Once you see the hinge of the oyster and have the knife at that point. You’ll then want to pop it open by twisting the knife blade. Most times just twisting the knife will “pop” the shells open, while other times if the oyster is more stubborn then you’ll need to work the knife in farther to have enough leverage to “pop” open the shells.

After you have popped open the shells, you’ll slide the knife between the shells. Just make sure to keep the knife along the bottom of the top shell so you don’t mangle the oyster. This step should be easy, but once you get to the point where the oyster is attached to the top shell you should feel a little resistance.

Once the two shells are separated, remove the top shell and use the knife to cut/scrape the meat off.

Serving Oysters

For the most flavor, you’ll want to serve the oysters right away. Most people will serve oysters with Tabasco sauce, lemon wedges, and cocktail sauce.

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